3rd year projects



Hydrogen burners for 3rd world

Gwyn Callahan

Adapting a standard off the shelf burner to operate on pure hydrogen from a microgrid allows for the easy recovery of stored energy.

Protyon pumps to crete pressure in a hydrogen system

Designing and optimising an efficient proton pump for hydrogen compression using electricity generated from renewable energy.  The proton pump utilises a Nafion membrane to achieve compression. When a potential difference is applied across the Nafion in the proton pump, hydrogen is separated from the inlet gas and driven across the membrane. Subsequently the outlet gas consisting of pure hydrogen is pressurised.

Model 2 ScreenGrab BB100a

Membranes for electrolysers

A look into different membrane technologies utilising the test cell that is currently active in the labs.

Alkaline electrolysis out in space.

How might an electrolyser work in a zero-gravity scenario? Can we utilise the technology to form rocket fuel in space to reduce the hazards of carrying rocket fuel into space?

Space H2-Fill

Feasibility study into a Hydrogen filling station

How might we go about implementing the filling station at Bay Studios?  This is a feasibility study into the rollout of hydrogen infrastructure.

Protecting bees from Asian Hornet attack

engineering a device to protect bees from the attack of Asian hornets.  Asian hornets are decimating the population of bees around Europe.



3D printing with Bees Wax

3D Printing with Beeswax is the first example of such additive manufacturing

3D beeswax DHD

Hydrogen microgrids domnestic scale

Harvey and Isacc set up the domestic hydrogen demonstrator.  LINK

Hydrogen from rain water

Innovative water wheel to convert downpour rain into hydrogen via a mini electrolyser.