The mysterious case of the CPE

In my previous article I explained how a ‘convolution integral’ can be used to simulate a constant phase element (abbreviation ‘CPE’, symbol ‘Q’) in the time domain. This is useful, but there is much more to this simple element than meets the eye. Specifically, when combined with a series resistance to form a very basic … Read more

Constant Phase Elements

In electrochemistry it is common to come across behaviour that can only be modelled using a constant phase element (CPE). For example, a measurement taken using electroimpedance spectoscopy (EIS) often produces a flattened or depressed semi-circle on a Nyquist plot. This indicates that a form of capacitance is present (coupled with a resistance), but it … Read more

UK new car ban extended to include hybrids

The UK Government has announced that the date from which the sales of all new petrol and diesel cars and vans will be banned is being brought forward by 5 years, from 2040 to 2035. This is good news, but not particularly surprising, since the government has also committed to being carbon neutral by 2050. … Read more

UK Hydrogen Trains

The BBC this morning has news of a the UK’s first hydrogen train. This is interesting news, but what’s more interesting is that this is being driven by the UK government’s commitment to phasing out diesel-only trains within the next 20 years. This could end up having a profound effect on hydrogen powered transport of … Read more

Undergrad aeroplane project 2019

We helped out a team of undergrads with cutting their plane on our laser cutter. Well done to them as it looks amazing.

Changing Fuels

Okay. Hands up everyone who is prepared to give up flying for the rest of their lives? Hmmm. Not very many of you? Now keep your hand raised if you are also prepared to give up driving… …and heating your home… …or buying anything from a shop, or a restaurant, or online. No-one? Well, I … Read more

Making space rocket fuel from water could drive a power revolution on Earth

Charles W. Dunnill, Swansea University and Robert Phillips, Swansea University Researchers led by NASA’s former chief technologist are hoping to launch a satellite carrying water as the source of its fuel. The team from Cornell University, guided by Mason Peck, want their device to become the first shoebox-sized “CubeSat” to orbit the moon, while demonstrating … Read more