Dr. Charles W Dunnill

Dr. Charles W Dunnill

Senior Lecturer

Charlie heads up the Sustainable Hydrogen Innovation and Technology Group at Swansea and has interests in the use of hydrogen as an alternative energy vector.   Charlie got his PhD from Glasgow University and then went on to do 6 years in London at UCL as a post-doc and Ramsay Fellow, before moving to Swansea.

CWD is a Chartered Scientist and Chemist.  He spends his spare time running a national BeeSwarm rehoming service and playing canoe polo, which is likened to 5 a side rugby in boats with hitting sticks.


Contacts and Social Media


Professional Bodies

Fellow Royal Society of Chemistry

Chartered Chemist. FRSC CChem

Member IOMMM

Chartered Scientist - MIMMM CSci

Other Professional Interests

Advisory Board Membership

Charlie sits on the international advisory pannel for the Hy2Green Project in Spain.

Editroial Board Member

Brand new Open access journal interested in all things HYDROGEN.

H2-NRG Ltd.

Spin-out company for Hydrogen activities.

Welsh Government Hydrogen Reference Group

I am a member of the HRG, where we meet to advise and keep up to date on H2 activities in Wales.


Farewell dinner for Theopolina and Jacobina

By Charlie | January 27, 2020

It is with great sadness that their time is Swansea has come to an end but all good things must and all that…  Jacobina and Theopolina came to Swansea in search of some lab-based research guidance to help with their PhD studies in Namibia.  This is part of the Chem4Energy programme and my trip to … Read more

Wind Farm Trip 2019

By Charlie | November 28, 2019

November the 27th 2019 we went to see the Mynydd y Gwair Wind Farm operated by our collaborators in Innogy.  Was a fantastic day out and really insightful to see how the turbines work up close and personal.  

Undergrad aeroplane project 2019

By Charlie | April 4, 2019

We helped out a team of undergrads with cutting their plane on our laser cutter. Well done to them as it looks amazing.

Plastics of the future may be made from sulfur, not oil, putting waste to good use

By Charlie | March 4, 2019

Charles W. Dunnill, Swansea University and Joseph C Bear, UCL What has chemistry ever done for me, you might ask? Just as Dustin Hoffman was told by one of his would-be mentors in The Graduate, one answer is plastics – one of the greatest chemical innovations of the 20th century. Most plastic items are made … Read more

Making space rocket fuel from water could drive a power revolution on Earth

By Charlie | March 4, 2019

Charles W. Dunnill, Swansea University and Robert Phillips, Swansea University Researchers led by NASA’s former chief technologist are hoping to launch a satellite carrying water as the source of its fuel. The team from Cornell University, guided by Mason Peck, want their device to become the first shoebox-sized “CubeSat” to orbit the moon, while demonstrating … Read more

Method of making oxygen from water in zero gravity raises hope for long-distance space travel

By Charlie | March 4, 2019

Charles W. Dunnill, Swansea University Space agencies and private companies already have advanced plans to send humans to Mars in the next few years – ultimately colonising it. And with a growing number of discoveries of Earth-like planets around nearby stars, long-distance space travel has never seemed more exciting. However, it isn’t easy for humans … Read more