Hydrogen energy can offer significant advancements for a future where the energy landscape is dominated by renewable energy. This can be achieved by decoupling supply and demand, and solving the intermittency issue with harvesting renewables when they are available. Green Hydrogen produced from the electrolysis of water utilising renewable energy will become the primary source of hydrogen production, an increase from the current 5% of global production, thus offsetting brown hydrogen form natural gas. Low-Cost, high-efficiency electrolysers are therefore the focal point of a sustainable energy future with hydrogen acting as the universal energy vector.


Adding to and complementing the existing activities around sustainable hydrogen innovation in Swansea and beyond, this project will build capacity in the Smart Specialisation areas of ‘Low Carbon Energy and Environment’. Industrial use of hydrogen, and applications of hydrogen, are increasingly significant in the fight against carbon emissions and climate change. Furthermore, this project can provide an area in which Wales can be a world leading region by building on its existing capacity in green hydrogen.

This project will focus on solutions for local industry by developing the next generation of electrolysers for hydrogen production and industrial or shipping engine booster systems by utilising recovered waste heat. It will help to launch the hydrogen economy in South Wales and act as a catalyst to deliver a self-contained circular energy economy within West Wales and the Valleys (WWV).


Project will start in June 2020

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