Domestic Hydrogen Demonstraitor

The Domestic scale demonstrator began many years ago when I started playing with the concept of hydrogen as an energy storage vector.  It was based in the New Forrest and was there to showcase the technology.  When we moved to Swansea the demonstrator moved with us however it took a few years to settle in and find the appropriate place to build it again.


The electrolyser setup fits inside a 3 foot by 4-foot plastic shed and is totally self-contained.  We have a Bubble Box 250  with the acrylic three-way displacement tanks on top.  Energy is fed from the old wind turbine and some flexible solar panels that are stuck onto the roof of my workshop.  Hydrogen is stored in the special container that was brought up from the New Forest and housed in the 8 foot by 8 foot shed.

  • Multiple energy inputs through solar and wind.vertical axis wind turbine and flexible solar panels from SPECIFIC.
  • Single electrolyser set-up in a 3 foot by 4 foot shed feeding into inbound grid pipework.
  • Membrane gas storage in a large shed.
  • Compressor to 1/2 bar.
  • Outbound pipework to an application.
  • Hydrogen BBQ.