Heat to Electricity

To contribute to the aims of the ‘Reducing Industrial Carbon Emissions’ (RICE) project, cost-effective ThermoElectric materials are being developed to enable the recovery of waste heat to generate electricity. 

Dr. Rafiq and Dr. Charlie are currently working on this project.

Heat to Electricity

The produced electricity can be utilized for water splitting to produce hydrogen.

Heat-to-Hydrogen concept

Thermoelectric materials are the electronic materials which can convert heat energy into electrical energy, and vice versa.

These materials work on the principle of "thermoelectric effect".

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Copper sulfide is an interesting semiconductor with promising thermoelectric properties. An efficient and economical method to prepare Gram-scale copper sulfide has been developed.


Our research is primarily focused on producing less-toxic and low-cost thermoelectric materials and to demonstrate the conversion of heat into electricity by designing thermoelectric modules using these materials.