Masters Projects



Hydrogen burners for 3rd world

Group Project, linked to my HYENA Network.  LINK to project

Hydrogen / Oxygen separation unit for energy storage

This project will look into the potential to separate hydrogen from oxygen thus allowing us to recycle hydrogen from waste gas streams.

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Protecting bees from Asian Hornet attack

Engineering a device to protect bees from the attack of Asian hornets.  Asian hornets are decimating the population of bees around Europe.

This project will address one of the biggest challenges that face the agricultural world that feeds the human population.  You may have heard that the Asian Hornet has now spread from Europe to the UK and is decimating bee populations across the globe. These international pests are able to destroy an entire hive of bees in a single afternoon and put simply, No bees = no crops = no food…


AH BB100a

Building a hydrogen fuel cell for an outreach project.

This project would be to design and build a working hydrogen fuel cell using commercially available membranes but custom built electrodes and casings to display the conversion of pure hydrogen back into electricity.  The fuel cell will be set up as a stack to power LED lighting for the outreach display called TheHydrogenBike,  No need for complex chemistry or electrical engineering however some design and building skills would be needed.  You will utilise the 3D printer and the laser cutter to construct your designs.   This project could take an angle more towards lighting the future hydrogen economy with small and effective 3 -5 V fuel cells for connection to the microgrid of H2.  see for details.



Investigating feasibility and design of H2ICE’s for small scall static applications

An intricate look into the use of standard internal combustions engines for the conversion of hydrogen into usable kinetic energy.

Electrolyser test stations. 

These can be used to characterise future electrolysers, catalyst and membranes.