Newly funded Welsh GFov Project looking into the design of electrolysers.




The ability to create hydrogen directly from sunlight and water allows us to harness solar energy in an easy to store transport and use manner.


High efficiency, low-cost renewable energy storage as hydrogen.

HYENA- Hydrogen Energy in Africa

The ability to return energy from hydrogen without the cost of fuel cells.


Hydrogen technology innovation allows for the movement, pressurisation and manipulation of hydrogen gas.


Outreach project aimed at enlightening the public to the joys of hydrogen.

H2-NRG Ltd

Hydrogen-based spin-out company working on installing hydrogen technologies.

Domestic Hydrogen Demonstraitor

Solar energy input, electrolyser, membrane storage and an outbound network to an H2 BBQ.

Next Steps...

Check out some of the amazing projects carried out by our undergraduates in the 3rd year of their degrees.