Current Teaching Commitments:

  • International development. MSc course
  • Appropriate technologies.  MSc course
  • Entrepreneurship for Engineers.  I have written this course from scratch and 2015 was the first year of delivery. This course helps to explain some of the basics of entrepreneurship to the third-year undergraduates who may be interested in starting their own companies and developing their ideas into businesses, whilst shedding light on the entrepreneurship side of business for those who are not necessarily that way inclined.  This is a core part of the third-year course and has >750 students in total. I have to give the lectures twice as we cannot fit them all into one room.
  • I currently have 22 first undergraduate mentees.
  • 8 third year tutees who research in the labs with me. See group blog fro details of the projects.  

General Interest Talks:

I have a  research-focused nanotechnology talk that I can roll out at a moment’s notice.  Whilst at UCL I used it about 3 times a year for the new starters at UCL who have English as a second language. It is used for the same at Swansea.

Previous Teaching Commitments:

  •  Tools for engineers. Foundation year study.
    • How to write a CV
    • How to do an oral presentation
    • How to write a project
    • Matlab
  • 3rd year core  “Advanced Topics in Inorganic Chemistry” course  at UCL where my lectures cover:
    • Main Group Organometallic chemistry.
    • Solid state semiconductors and superconductors.
    •  ~95 in the class. I split my lectures in half with a “Half Way Quizlet” to recap on the second half of the previous lecture and the first half of the current lecture and have this year moved to do coursework on-line aimed at making them read and learn their notes.
    • Student feedback came in at 4.3 out of 5 for the last two years running and was an improvement on the 3.1 for my first year.
    • First Year Inorganic tutorials (UCL)x 4 years.
    • First Year Inorganic labs (UCL) x 6 years.
    • First Year Inorganic labs (Glasgow). x 2 years.
    • First Year Inorganic labs (Nottingham). x 2 years.