Christina Biggs


Dr. Christina Biggs

Dr. Cristina Biggs

Daphne Jackson Fellow

Tina has recently joined the Sustainable Hydrogen Innovation and Technology Group at Swansea and has interests in the use of hydrogen as an alternative energy vector. Tina got her PhD from Cambridge University and then did two postdocs in Birmingham and Grenoble, France before taking a 20 year break from research. Tina is currently the holder of a Daphne Jackson Fellowship, which is a 3-year part-time postdoctoral research fellowship on making new membranes for hydrogen electrolysis cells.
CMB spends her spare time repairing and sailing her Wayfarer and Mirror wooden sailing dinghies and playing viola in a quartet and symphony orchestra. Tina photo for website Publication List

Tina’s project is to develop membranes for electrolysing water. Her aim is to focus on finding cheap materials which are naturally occurring that still do the dual job of conducting protons and blocking hydrogen and oxygen gas from crossing back over the membrane. She will be starting by looking at clay minerals, both as a mobile mud and also making her own membranes from online recipes.

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